A bittersweet experience

I can’t believe June is finally here! I am so glad everything is opened up but of course we all still need to be careful. I was able to get my haircut too and did it a lot shorter as you can see in the photo as having long hair in the hot weather can be too much for me at times.

Finishing all my modules has been a bittersweet experience because it feels like something big has just ended but I am also happy I managed to get through it at the same time. I have now also found a Thesis idea that I happy with and have just completed my proposal with the initial ideas. My tutor will provide recommendations of where I should go next and make my project specific which can be challenging but also a learning process. At the moment it feels quite daunting as it is a 1,500-word document. Although I can picture it getting completely finished with all the various sections. I just need to keep calm and do roughly 4/5 hours of work each day with breaks in between to get to that finishing line. I am looking forward to interviewing people with surveys for my qualitative research as well.

In other news, I went out to Camden on the weekend with my Mum and sister and finally went to the much-anticipated sweet shop called Hansel and Gretel. There was a long queue but it is definitely worth going! We roamed around and it was very busy but it was a Saturday so that was expected. It is also my birthday in July too and I will be 28 on the 21st July. Hopefully planning to go to Thorpe Park soon as I have not been in a long time and looking forward to having those warm sugar doughnuts!

Good luck to everyone who is starting their Thesis and dissertations!


Shivani Govindia, MA Advertising & PR (part-time)