Dr Eunice Goes

Dr. Eunice Goes to present on Brexit

At 4pm on Thursday 23rd November in the Theatre at Richmond Hill Campus The Centre for the Study of the State, Power, and Globalisation will be hosting Dr. Eunice Goes, who will be presenting on ‘Brexit: Why Britain Voted to Leave the EU’.

Book Launch – Paul Rekret – ‘Down With Childhood’

REKRET LAUNCH_2The Research Centre for International Visual Arts and Cultures (IVAC) is delighted to announce that Dr. Paul Rekret, Associate Professor of Politics, will be launching his new book, ‘Down with Childhood: Pop Music and the Crisis of Innocence’ (Repeater Books) on Monday 2 October, 6pm, Asa Briggs Hall, Kensington Campus. All are welcome.

Dr Christopher Wylde

Dr. Christopher Wylde publishes a new research monograph

c wylde new bookDr. Christopher Wylde has published a new book with Springer: “Emerging Markets and the State: Developmentalism in the 21st Century“. This book, through an analysis of case studies in Latin America and Southeast Asia, sets out to understand the form and function of contemporary states seeking to guide and cajole markets, hoping to stimulate economic growth and generate robust development outcomes. In the context of contemporary globalization, and the hegemony of a neoliberal mode of capital accumulation, independent state-directed development has moved away from the reach of many emerging markets. Wylde’s analysis reveals that, contrary to much of the literature espousing the ‘end of the state’, the role of the state in the 21st century development process continues to be of pivotal importance.

Dr Christopher Wylde

Dr. Christopher Wylde presents paper at the SLAS Annual Conference in Glasgow

On Friday 7th April 2017 Dr. Christopher Wylde presented a paper titled ‘The end of neodesarrollismo? The political economy of Argentina under Mauricio Macri’, as part of a panel: The Cambiemos government in Argentina: Menemismo reloaded, Kirchnerismo’s antipode, or something different? that was an element of the Society for Latin American Studies Annual Conference at the University of Glasgow.

Paul Rekret publishes new article on contemporary representations of labour and leisure

Dr Paul Rekret has published a new article entitled “Working Holiday: On Labour and Leisure in Trap” in the latest issue of Cesura//Acceso: A Journal of Music Politics and Poetics. In the article, Rekret argues that the current popularity of popular music originating in the US South and Atlanta, in particular, should be understood within the context of broader processes of de-industrialisation in the northeastern United States along with the growing suburbanization of poverty in the South.

The article builds on a larger research project examining changing experiences of labour and leisure in post-Fordism.

Professor Dominic Alessio

Richmond Professor and students publish new research on the Pacific

Dom Alessio, Professor History and Dean of International Programmes, has co-published with two Richmond students a new article on Pacific history for the Journal of New Zealand and Pacific Studies (4.2, 2017, pp,115-136). It is entitled “Spain, Germany and the United States in the Marshall Islands: Re-imagining the Imperial in the Pacific” and it was co-written with Patricia Olle Tejero (an INR major graduating in 2017) and Katherine Arnold (a former Study Abroad alum). Both students had been in Dom’s Cultures of Imperial Power class. The article examines the significance of the lost histories of Spain and Germany in the Pacific in the relation of theories of empire formation and the origins of the Third Reich.