Women in Art Exhibition – March 22, 6-8pm – Asa Briggs

Did you know that only 3-5% of art displayed at major exhibitions around the world was produced by women? The Women in Leadership Society seeks to draw attention and make a step forward with this issue. Come join in the celebration of female artists at Richmond University for a night of exploration and inclusion. The exhibit boasts a variety of mediums and topics that represent the minds and souls of the female student body. The night will begin with a free drinks reception to introduce the artists, which will be followed by the opening of the exhibit to the public. All are welcome!

Diplomatic Studies Class take tea at the Slovak Embassy

Students from the International Relations degree’s Diplomatic Studies Course were invited to meet Slovak diplomats at the Embassy in Notting Hill. Discussion included the use of Digital Diplomacy and the work of the Embassy in representing the Slovak Republic in the UK.

Hearing from, and discussing diplomacy with practitioners, diplomats and Ambassadors is a central aspect of the course.

William Durden

News on the WRC’s ‘BREXIT is coming …’ event

On March 14th, 2018, with exactly 54 weeks an 1 day left to go before BREXIT is due to happen, a sizeable number of students and faculty got together to participate in an enthralling discussion on all matters BREXIT. The session provided an informative and realistic assessment of the many challenges ahead and struck a cautionary but also, fundamentally, optimistic tone.

A big thank you from all involved with the Wellbeing Research Centre to the audience for their incisive questioning, and the presenters for their candour and making this event the success it was.

Richmond Business School meets the City

In March 2018 the Richmond Business MBA class was invited by the graduate recruiting team of  the newly merged law company CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang LLP to visit them in their impressive office at Cannon Place.  A great opportunity to learn a lot about Human Resource Management in Law Firms as well as getting some insights in the companies recruiting processes.

BREXIT is coming … 12 months to go

Bad news has a habit of arriving with relentless frequency. Is BREXIT, and all that goes with it, an example of bad news? Some would say the UK is heading for a cliff-edge type disaster of unprecedented magnitude; others maintain that the future could not be brighter and that all will be well. Can the issues be put as starkly as this, or can we find some compromises that will keep all happy and content with the onrushing future that awaits us? Hard information on the UK’s position is difficult to come by but the government has promised to come clean soon.

In order to explore some of the above issues, the Wellbeing Research Centre is inviting you to a thematic Panel Discussion starting at 16:45 on March 14th 2018, on the University’s Kensington campus (Upper Dining Hall/Atlantic House). The session will be introduced by Dr. Dabir-Alai and chaired by Professor Spangenberg.

Speakers and their themes:

  • “Financial Consequences: The Impact of BREXIT on The City” – Dr. Ivan Cohen (Richmond University)

Under this heading Dr Cohen will explore some of the likely scenarios that could emerge post-March 2019 and offer an assessment of their consequences.

  • “Should I stay or should I go? – An insight into the dilemmas that UK businesses face” – Professor Inma Ramos (Richmond University)

Professor Ramos will explore and comment on some of the opportunities available to UK businesses faced with the decision to either maintain their operations within the UK or to relocate to mainland EU.

  •  BREXIT and the Arts: The importance of a Creative Society” – Professor Charlotte Bonham-Carter

(Central Saint Martins)
Professor Bonham-Carter maintains that the arts are aligned to tolerance, liberal values and increasingly, to wellbeing. The impact of BREXIT on the cultural life of the UK will undoubtedly be profound. This presentation will explore the impact of BREXIT on the arts, but also, the possible impact of the arts on BREXIT.  

The above event is sponsored by the Wellbeing Research Centre at the University. For details of this and some of our previous and future activities please visit www.wellbeingcreates.org

Sir Cyril Taylor GBE

Sir Cyril Taylor

It is with deep sadness that we must inform you that Sir Cyril Taylor, the Founder and Chancellor of Richmond the American International University in London (RAIUL), passed away yesterday at the age of 82.

Cyril founded the American Institute for Foreign Study (AIFS) in 1964 and he remained throughout his life committed to the benefits of international education. He was passionate about and committed to RAIUL and his support and challenging insights will be greatly missed.

According to Bill Gertz, the President and CEO of AIFS: “Cyril founded AIFS in 1964 and was a true visionary in every sense of the word. His life’s work was dedicated to the enrichment of young people through education.  This was his passion…and he was instrumental in transforming the UK secondary school system, working with 10 Secretaries of State for Education towards that goal.  In 1989, Cyril was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II for his dedication and contribution to education, and in 2003, he was advanced to a Knight Grand Cross of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (GBE). “

As members of the university community, we owe Sir Cyril an enormous amount and he will be greatly missed. Sir Cyril was absolutely committed to the future success of the university and this is a responsibility I am sure that we all share.

Our thoughts go out to Cyril’s wife Judy, his daughter Kirsten, and his extended family.

Members of the University’s Wellbeing Research Centre are pleased to acknowledge Dr Paul Fisher’s significant involvement as a member of the European Commission High-Level Experts Group on Sustainable Finance

This group published its Report recently (January 31st, 2018). The full Report may be accessed here.

Dr Fisher, who is both a Visiting Professor at Richmond University (in Economics and Finance) and a member of its Wellbeing Research Centre, was interviewed by the Financial Times on the above Report. That interview appears here (kindly note that you will need to set up an account with the FT to review this link). However, the press release that accompanied the publication of the full Report can be seen here.

Survivability in a Poli-Cyber Threatened World’ with MLi and Khaled Fattal

Survivability in a Poli-Cyber Threatened World’ with MLi and Khaled Fattal, followed by Q and A and a small drinks reception for further informal discussion concluding at 8pm.

With Cyber Strategies struggling or failing routinely, cyber attacks breaching organizations and governments daily, and now augmented by the new breed of estruction-motivated Poli-Cyber terrorists threatening us all, what should decision makers do next?

Tuesday 13 March 6:00-8:00 for a talk by Khaled Fattal of the MLi Group in 17 Young Street Lecture Hall. Mr. Fattal is a former Richmond student from the early 1980s who went on for graduate work and founding his own cybersecurity firm, MLi Group in London.

A closer look at luxury- Richmond MBA students visit Ferrari Exhibition in London

An interesting and exciting visit by our MBA students at Richmond University to the Ferrari Exhibition at the Design Museum for their Luxury Brand Management Course. Ferrari Under the Skin Exhibition features rare and luxury Ferraris for the first time to the public, demonstrating the technology, design, performance and the strategic management processes behind these masterpieces.