Here are my favorite things to do in NYC

Hello again!

It’s Michela with another study abroad blog from New York!

NYC is such a lively city full of exciting things to do and discover, but these are my absolute favorites!

My top five things to do in the city are:

  • Going to museums
  • Shopping in Soho
  • Watching people skate at the Rockefeller Centre Rink (because I can’t!)
  • Having picnics in Central Park
  • Watching the sunset over the Statue of Liberty from the Pier

After visiting every single museum in NYC, I can say my favorite is the MOMA (even though it’s hard to pick one!), it is full of stunning paintings and art pieces, I could literally spend the whole day there!

It was fun seeing the transition of the rink at the Rockefeller Center because when I first got here there was the famous ice-skating rink but then they took it down and now there is a colorful skating rink that just opened up for Spring!

Although I thought studying here would be quite similar to Richmond because Pace University (where I’m studying now) is American, I was surprised to see how the teaching methods and assignments are different from what I was used to.

The classes that I am taking have different teaching methods: sometimes I have in-class exams or online weekly quizzes to see if you keep up with the course content. Depending on your major and type of classes that you take, there are different assignments for every class, sometimes also group projects.

One of the great things about Pace University is that there are many study spaces on campus, from private study rooms that can be booked for group assignments for example, to beautiful modern louges to relax and study. Some of these are also soundproof which is great when you need to concentrate.

In the main building there is the cafeteria, which offers a variety of meal options to choose from everyday. There’s a pasta, pizza and salad bar, as well as sandwiches and hot meals. There is also a Starbucks and small student market with food and home essentials.

I hope this can inspire you to apply to study abroad, or maybe to just book that trip you’ve always wanted to take! It feels so good to be able to travel again!Feel free to contact me if you have any question about my study abroad experience.


Bye for now,