3 Week Classes: Session B

3 Week Classes: Session B

Each class runs for 180 minutes, five days/week and is worth 3 US CREDITS/12 UK CATS/6 ECTS.

A maximum of ONE three week class can be taken during this three week period; however, it can be taken alongside another 6 week option.

ADM 3160 Foundations in Photography

This course concentrates on developing the student’s visual intelligence via photography. Technically, students will learn to use digital Single Lens Reflex cameras and Photoshop for image workflow and editing. By looking at the work of a range of artists, students will be introduced to some of the theories that underpin photographic practice and consider photography’s place and role in contemporary culture. Throughout the course students make images which finally result in an edited portfolio of photographic prints. A studio fee is levied on this course.

COM 5218 Celebrity and Fan Culture

Charts the development and critical context of contemporary celebrity and fan cultures. Outlines key theoretical approaches. Explores the topic through a variety of media, from artists like Andy Warhol, Lady Gaga, Eminem, and Alison Jackson, to fanfic and other fan culture artifacts. Considers the creation and reception of celebrity texts: for example, around Harry Potter, and fanhood as a performative critique of celebrity. Examines relevant PR and media strategies.

GEP 3120 Quantitative Reasoning

This core course develops an understanding of basic mathematical concepts and their presence in a range of contexts and applications. Is it possible to use mathematics to predict the next new trends in music? How do you calculate the impact of an oil spill? Topics such as interest rates, interpreting graphs, probabilities associated with decision making and mathematics in the environment and the creative arts will be covered.

HST 5425 Historical London

This course surveys the history of London from its Roman origins to the modern cosmopolitan metropolis that it is today. Through a variety of themes, students will explore social, political and architectural developments of this urban centre throughout the ages. Students will both read about and visit significant sites within London which illustrate aspects of the history of this great metropolis.

HST 5500 James Bond: An International Cultural History

James Bond (007) is a global brand: for sixty years a hugely popular cultural icon, with around half of the planet having seen a Bond film. Bond is a quintessentially British creation; yet his adventures were set on a global stage and reflect the contemporary political milieu – from fighting communists with his American cousins to today battles with terrorists, media barons and assorted megalomaniacs. This course is therefore also a study of the second half of the twentieth century – particularly the special relationship between the US and the UK. Equally relevant are issues related to branding, class, race, gender, product placement and popular music. Students will visit key historical sites related to the history of Bond, using locations (particularly in London) as well as both the books and films as a means to study international history, as well as cultural and political change. Special note: site visits may change subject to availability and faculty expertise.

LIT 5405 British Fantasy Writing

This course will explore the vibrant genre tradition of fantastic and non-realist writing using a range of critical approaches. The first half of the course will survey some of the major texts on which modern Fantasy literature draws, including Beowulf, Arthurian texts and selections from works by Shakespeare, Milton, Jane Austen and Lewis Carroll. The second half of the course will focus more intensively on a few major fantasies from the past 120 years and their filmed adaptations, including works by Bram Stoker, J.R.R. Tolkien, and J.K. Rowling, and will look at how these texts and their filmic counterparts repurpose and revision older ideas for novel purposes.

MKT 6220 Digital Marketing and Social Media

The Digital Marketing and Social Media course will provide insights into new marketing concepts, tools, technologies and business models to enhance the consumer value creation process. New technologies have created some radical changes in the way companies reach their markets and in particular the emerging phenomenon of social media. This course integrates ideas from the process of gaining traffic or attention the rapidly emerging and influential social networks including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. It will provide an understanding of techniques and tools to understand and harness the opportunities provided by best practice social media marketing Students will have the opportunity to learn about electronic commerce in action; the interplay between the technology and marketing applications; the changing scope and uses of the Internet, along with current management issues facing businesses attempting to use the World Wide Web.

PSY 5215 Personality, Individual Differences and Intelligiences

The purpose of this course is to increase students’ awareness of the variety of theoretical viewpoints that exist regarding the nature of human individual differences and the factors that influence human behaviour. We will examine the different theoretical viewpoints about intelligence, personality structure and its development, emotion, motivation, cognitive styles, the development of psychopathology, and clinical applications for personality change. Students will evaluate prominent theoretical perspectives critically and consider cultural variations in individual differences.