3 Week Classes: Session A

3 Week Classes:  Session A

Each class runs for 180 minutes, five days/week and is worth 3 US CREDITS/12 UK CATS/6 ECTS.

A maximum of ONE three week class can be taken during this three week period; however, it can be taken alongside another 6-week option.

ADM 3160 Foundations in Photography

This course concentrates on developing the student’s visual intelligence via photography. Technically, students will learn to use digital Single Lens Reflex cameras and Photoshop for image workflow and editing. By looking at the work of a range of artists, students will be introduced to some of the theories that underpin photographic practice and consider photography’s place and role in contemporary culture. Throughout the course students make images which finally result in an edited portfolio of photographic prints. A studio fee is levied on this course.

AVC 5200 Museums and Galleries of London

Considers the nature of museums and art galleries and their role and function in our society and culture. Students study the workings of the art market and a variety of other topics that impinge upon it, such as conservation, restoration, the investment potential of art, and art world crime. Students visit many of the great London galleries and museums with their rich intercultural collections, as part of this course. A university-level survey of the history of international art is strongly recommended as a prerequisite.

COM 6400 Fashion and Media

This course traces the multiple connections between the fashion and media industries. It emphasises the material realities, pragmatic and creative dynamisms, fantasy components, and essential visuality of fashion. It also highlights how cities in general function as creative agencies for fermenting style and fashion ideas and attitudes.

COM 4415 Contemporary London Performance

This course aims to introduce students to the contemporary performance scene in London – focusing upon music, dance, performance art, and installation art and fringe theatre. Themed in-class sessions will be supplemented by frequent field trips to performance venues in the London area. Students should budget for an additional £75 course fee for tickets to events.

GEP 3160 Creative Expression

This core course explores the ways we can interpret and appreciate different types of art across cultures. How can we make sense of an art installation that consists of a pile of stones on a gallery floor? How can we understand music and the creative expression behind it? Through examples from the fine arts, film, theatre, music and fashion, this class engages with broad themes concerning the value of artistic thinking and the role it plays in education, social relations, urbanism and the creative economy.

HST 5405 U.S. and U.K. Comparative History

Focuses on shared themes from the 1880’s to the present day, using a variety of approaches to enable students from different disciplines to participate in the course. Issues around popular culture, gender and ethnicity will be looked at, as well as peoples’ responses to major events like the Depression and wars. Concepts from economic history will be used to analyze the booms and slumps that have occurred and the changes to the US/UK that have taken place as a result. The decline of Britain as a world power and the parallel rise of the US will be studied, and this will help put into context the current debates on the post Cold War world order and globalization.

HST 5425 Historical London

This course surveys the history of London from its Roman origins to the modern cosmopolitan metropolis that it is today. Through a variety of themes, students will explore social, political and architectural developments of this urban centre throughout the ages. Students will both read about and visit significant sites within London which illustrate aspects of the history of this great metropolis.

MGT 5400 Organisational Behaviour

MKT 5410 Psychology of Fashion and Luxury Goods

Consumer psychology within the context of the consumption of fashion and luxury products and services is complex and is influenced by many factors. A thorough analysis and understanding of these factors allows organizations to plan effective marketing activities suitable to their target markets. This course enables students to understand the importance of consumer behaviour in the process of marketing fashion and luxury goods and services.

MKT 6220 Digital Marketing & Social Media

The course will provide insights into new marketing concepts, tools, technologies and business models to enhance the consumer value creation process. New technologies have created some radical changes in the way companies reach their markets and in particular the emerging phenomenon of social media.

This course integrates ideas from the process of gaining traffic or attention the rapidly emerging and influential social networks including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. It will provide an understanding of techniques and tools to understand and harness the opportunities provided by best practice social media marketing.

Students will have the opportunity to learn about electronic commerce in action; the interplay between the technology and marketing applications; the changing scope and uses of the Internet, along with current management issues facing businesses attempting to use the World Wide Web.

PSY 4215 Biological Basis of Human Behaviour

Exposes students to the relationship between biology and behavior. Students are expected to assess critically the extent to which biological explanations can be used to understand or explain human behavior. Topics covered are: motivational behavior; social behavior; sleep; perception; learning; and memory. Special discussion topics include: sexual behavior; eating disorders; emotions; and consciousness. In addition, the course also looks at perceptual and memory disorders. Prerequisite: PSY 3100 Foundations in Psychology and at least one other lower-division psychology course

SCL 5450 Contemporary British Culture

Aimed primarily at students participating in the International Internship Programme, this course provides students with a comprehensive and detailed overview of contemporary British culture. The course provides students with a comprehensive overview of contemporary British culture; an overview that engages with many aspects of current debate regarding national and cultural identity and questions how citizens interact with the modern state. The course will cover the historical processes that have helped shape UK society and now govern the social attitude and outlook of modern Britons. The course will also address issues that have become central to political and cultural reporting by the media. These will include differences between English, Scottish and Welsh identities; the role of Monarchy; UK Parliamentary Democracy; multiculturalism and religious faith in Britain. In the context of British culture, the course will also focus on practical assistance to International Internship Programme students, to help them adapt to the context of “working-life”. Students will be introduced to the social issues that are likely to influence the behaviour of their workplace colleagues.