What Makes a City Creative? Antwerp Study Trip

antwerp tripIVAC Researcher Dr Oonagh Murphy will spend next week in Antwerp to D.A.T.E. the city – that is Discover Antwerp Through Experience. Alongside 12 other international creatives Dr Murphy will meet with local start up businesses, visit museums and meet with artists. In her capacity as a member of the International Visual Arts and Culture Research Cluster at Richmond, she will use this weeklong creative Boot Camp as an opportunity to network with industry professionals and learn about emerging arts management practices. The international focus of this study trip links to the outward looking nature of research at Richmond which is focussed on equipping our students with the skills and knowledge required to become innovators in their field, visionaries rather than followers.

Alongside visits, workshops and networking, Dr Murphy will speak about “What Makes a City Creative” on Thursday the 17th of March at a free public event. If you would like to attend tickets can be booked here. You can also follow the research trip on Twitter using the hashtag ‪#thisisantwerp

this is antwerp