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Duomo, Florence

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The Florence Study Center specializes in the study of studio and fine arts. Social science and business majors would also benefit from this outstanding educational opportunity. Situated in a major Renaissance city with a wealth of cultural resources, it is an ideal location for the intensive study of painting, drawing, sculpture, photography and art history. Each participant’s first semester begins with an intensive three-week Italian language course at the Scuola di Lingua e Cultura Italiana per Stranieri in the historic town of Siena. This is followed by eleven weeks of study in Florence. With the exception of Italian language, most courses are taught in English.

The Florence Study Center

The Center is conveniently located in the Palazzo Michelozzi near the major cultural, historical and social attractions of this great Renaissance city, and consists of classrooms, art studios, offices, a library and a student lounge. The study center has cooperative links with a number of leading institutions including the University of Siena, the University of Florence and, for photography, Studio Marangoni.

Institutional Links

The study center has cooperative links with a number of leading institutions including the University of Siena, the University of Florence and, for photography, Studio Marangoni.


In Florence, students live in Italian homes or in student apartments which are carefully screened and supervised. The Center makes the arrangements for students’ accommodation (a list of approved lodgings is provided) but students pay directly to the families. Special rates have also been negotiated for dinner at a number of excellent Florentine restaurants, and a dinner voucher for each Monday to Friday night (five nights) is included in the cost of the program.

Orientation Italian Language Program

Students are introduced to Italian life and culture and begin their Italian language studies with an intensive Italian Language course


Italian Language

    ITL 103 (3 CREDITS) - Elementary Italian I

    ITL 104 (3 CREDITS) - Elementary Italian II

    ITL 203 (3 CREDITS) - Intermediate Italian I

    ITL 204 (3 CREDITS) - Intermediate Italian II

Art History

    ARH 273 (1 CREDITS) - Introduction To Italian Art

Academic Program in Florence

Students continue their Italian language studies at the appropriate level. All Italian language courses are taught at the Center.

Italian Language

    ITL 105 (1 CREDITS) - Basic Spoken Italian

    ITL 112 (4 CREDITS) - Elementary Italian II

    ITL 211 (4 CREDITS) - Intermediate Italian I

    ITL 212 (4 CREDITS) - Intermediate Italian II

    ITL 303 (3 CREDITS) - Advanced Italian

Art History

    ARH 317 (3 CREDITS) - Italian Fashion

    ARH 323 (3 CREDITS) - Masters Of Renssnce:L Da Vinci

    ARH 352 (3 CREDITS) - Art In Context

    ARH 340 (3 CREDITS) - Italian Renais Architecture

    ARH 358 (3 CREDITS) - Museums/Galleries Of Florence

    ARH 359 (3 CREDITS) - Modern Italian Art I

    ARH 380 (3 CREDITS) - Cntrl Italn Early Rensnce Art

    ARH 381 (3 CREDITS) - Central & N Italian High & Late Ren Art

Business and Economics

    ECN 357 (3 CREDITS) - Internl Economic Relations

    INB 306 (3 CREDITS) - European Bus. Environment

    MKT 315 (3 CREDITS) - Fashion Mrktng & Merchandising


    COM 315 (3 CREDITS) - Hist Of Ital Cinema & Society

    COM 461 (3 CREDITS) - Fashion And Media


    HST 310 (3 CREDITS) - Medievl & Early Renssnce Italy

    HST 318 (3 CREDITS) - Renaissance & Baroque Italy

    HST 326 (3 CREDITS) - History Of The Italian Mafia

    HST 331 (3 CREDITS) - Social History of Italian Migration

    HST 350 (3 CREDITS) - History Of Florence


    ARH 486 (6 CREDITS) - Internship In Art History

    COM 486 (6 CREDITS) - Internship In Communications

    ECN 486 (6 CREDITS) - Internship In Economics

    EDU 486 (6 CREDITS) - Internship In Education

    INB 486 (6 CREDITS) - Internship In Intnl Business

    MKT 486 (6 CREDITS) - Internship In Marketing

Literature and Philosophy

    LIT 327 (3 CREDITS) - Italian Lit In Translation

    LIT 328 (3 CREDITS) - Dante In Trnsltn: Txt & Contxt

    LIT 335 (3 CREDITS) - Real & Imagined Journeys

    PHLRLG 310 (3 CREDITS) - Mystcsm Magic Medival Ren Ital


    MSC 307 (3 CREDITS) - Gender & Sexuality Italian Opera

Social Sciences

    SCL 307 (3 CREDITS) - Made in Italy: Symbols Italian Identity

    INRSCL 313 (3 CREDITS) - Globlzatn - A European Prspctv

    SCL 317 (3 CREDITS) - Sociology of Italian Soccer

Studio Art

    ADM 103 (3 CREDITS) - Intro To Drawing

    ADM 215 (3 CREDITS) - Painting in Florence 1

    ADM 306 (3 CREDITS) - Intermediate Drawing

    ADM 307 (3 CREDITS) - Advanced Drawing

    ADM 311 (3 CREDITS) - Painting in Florence 2

    ADM 312 (3 CREDITS) - Painting in Florence 3

    ADM 341 (3 CREDITS) - Photography For The Media

Special Programs

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