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Open University validated as BA (HONS) Social Sciences: Psychology with Combined Studies


Richmond’s Psychology programme promotes the acquisition and demonstration of conceptual knowledge in the core areas of the Psychology discipline such as development, language, phenomenology, personality theory and individual differences, biological psychology, social psychology, psychopathology, cognitive science, and research methods. Psychology students are expected to progressively integrate theoretical perspectives and empirical findings, use appropriately a variety of research approaches and apply psychological principles in a variety of professional settings such as clinical, counselling, educational and legal.

Relationship to BPS and APA

All Psychology graduating students are eligible for British Psychological Society (BPS) graduate membership through the international route. The programme is in the process of seeking accreditation with the BPS for Fall 2015. All Psychology Faculty are members of professional bodies such as BPS, American Psychological Association, Health Care Professions Council and Higher Education Academy.

Research and Scholarship opportunities for students

Psychology students have the opportunity to work as volunteer research or laboratory assistants under the supervision of a Faculty member. There are 4 positions open every academic year managed by Student Affairs in collaboration with the Psychology Faculty.
Junior and Senior students who are attending research courses have the opportunity to submit a proposal for the BPS Student Poster Presentation Conference under the supervision of a Faculty member. Our students have been presenting at this conference successfully since 2011 and one year won 3rd place in the poster competition, losing only to the PhD students.
Students have had their senior project work accepted for publication in a peer reviewed journal, a great example of the dedication of Richmond Psychology students and Faculty to excellence in our field.

Richmond Psychology Association

The Richmond Psychology Association (RPA) is an elected student body working with a Faculty member as an advisor. They are very active in engaging faculty, students, alumni and invited speakers in a number of extra-curricular events. These include guest lectures, MA applications workshops, alumni panels, and internships information sessions. The RPA also circulates important information related to the degree, such as announcements of conferences or lectures organised by the British Psychological Society, through seminars and the newsletter. The RPA and their Faculty advisor have won awards by the University, an important recognition of the high quality of the work Psychology students have produced on behalf of the Association.

Student Destinations

The majority of Psychology students are successful when applying for postgraduate programmes both in the UK and elsewhere in the world. Most of the students in the Psychology programme complete a postgraduate degree immediately after graduating from Richmond and the list presented here reflects this major trend.

  • PsychD in Counselling Psychology, Roehampton University
  • PsychD in Counselling Psychology, University of Surrey
  • PhD in Criminology, Nottingham University
  • MSc in Developmental Studies, UCL
  • MSc in Psychodynamic Developmental Neuroscience, UCL/Yale University, 2 year program
  • MSc in Research Methods in Psychology, UCL
  • MSc at Anna Freud Centre
  • MSc in Neuroscience, King’s College
  • MSc in Neuroimaging, King’s College
  • MSc in Cognitive Neuroscience, King’s College, several students
  • MSc in Forensic Science, King’s College
  • MSc in Forensic Mental Health, King’s College
  • MSc in Cognitive Neuroscience, Sussex University
  • MA in Counselling Psychology, Columbia University
  • MA Teachers College, Columbia University
  • MSc Criminology, City University
  • MSc Health Psychology, City University
  • MA in Psychoanalytic Studies, Goldsmiths College
  • MSc in Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience, Goldsmiths College

Degree Requirements

The Liberal Arts Core Course Requirements (34-41 CREDITS)

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FHEQ Level 3

    PSY 3100 (3 CREDITS) - Foundations in Psychology

    PSY 3105 (3 CREDITS) - Foundations in Social Psychology

FHEQ Level 4

    MTH 4120 (3 CREDITS) - Probability & Statistics I

    PSY 4200 (3 CREDITS) - Beginning Human Sciences Research

    PSY 4205 (3 CREDITS) - Concept & Hist Issues Psychol

    PSY 4210 (3 CREDITS) - Developmental Psychology

    PSY 4215 (3 CREDITS) - Biological Basis of Human Behaviour


FHEQ Level 5

    PSY 5100 (3 CREDITS) - Human Development

    PSY 5200 (3 CREDITS) - Theories Of Personality

    PSY 5205 (4 CREDITS) - Quantitative Methods In Psych

    PSY 5210 (4 CREDITS) - Experimental Methods In Psych

plus two of the following:

    PSY 5400 (3 CREDITS) - Mind & Language

    PSY 5405 (3 CREDITS) - Psychopathology

    PSY 5410 (3 CREDITS) - Human Sexuality

    PSY 5415 (3 CREDITS) - Psychology and Cinema

    PSY 5420 (3 CREDITS) - Arts Psychotherapies

    MGT 5400 (3 CREDITS) - Organizational Behaviour

FHEQ Level 6

    PSY 6200 (3 CREDITS) - Theories & Systems In Psyc

    PSY 6205 (3 CREDITS) - Developmental Psychopathology

    PSY 6210 (3 CREDITS) - Cognitive Science

    PSY 6391 (4 CREDITS) - Senior Projects Psych I: Quant Methods

    PSY 6392 (4 CREDITS) - Senior Projects Psych II: Qualitative

plus five of the following OR Internship and threeone of the following:

    PSY 6400 (3 CREDITS) - Psychoanalysis

    PSY 6405 (3 CREDITS) - Existential-Phenomenological Psychology

    PSY 6410 (3 CREDITS) - Memory and Awareness

    PSY 6415 (4 CREDITS) - Counselling Theory & Practice I

    PSY 6420 (4 CREDITS) - Counselling Theory & Practice II

    PSY 6962 (6 CREDITS) - World Internship in Psychology

    PSY 6972 (6 CREDITS) - Internship In Psychology

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