BA Degree in Business Administration: Entrepreneurship

Open University Validation as BA (Hons.) Business Administration: Entrepreneurship with Combined Studies

Richmond stands out from the crowd due to its commitment to academic excellence, its focus on business and the professions and its central London location.

The University's BA in Entrepreneurship combines the best elements of practical training in business, management and entrepreneurship with the very latest academic thinking within the field. Students graduating from Richmond's Entrepreneurship program will be ready to engage with a variety of activities such as the taking on and development of successful commercial projects for small, medium and large enterprises; or venturing out on their own successful commercial endeavors.

Please note that this is a recent major (programme) which we plan to have “designated” for Student Finance England purposes from the start of the 2014-15 academic year. Whilst it is highly unlikely that this will not be in place, if it were to be delayed for any reason, UK/EU Students intending to seek support from Student Finance England may have to enter the University, initially, on another major and will then be transferred automatically to BA Business Administration: Entrepreneurship as soon as it is recognised by SFE for student support purposes. We hope this won’t be necessary, but if so, because of the breadth and flexibility of the Richmond degree, in such cases students will still be able to study for the same courses (modules) as if they were registered for BA Business Administration: Entrepreneurship from the outset. Prospective students should still apply for their intended major.

Degree requirements

The Richmond core course requirements (34-41 credits)

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Lower division requirements (36 credits)

FHEQ Level 3

    ECN 3100 (3 CREDITS) - Foundations of Economics

    MGT 3200 (3 CREDITS) - Foundations of Business

    MTH 3110 (3 CREDITS) - Pre-calculus

FHEQ Level 4

    ACC 4200 (3 CREDITS) - Financial Accounting

    ACC 4205 (3 CREDITS) - Managerial Accounting

    ECN 4105 (3 CREDITS) - Introduction to Microeconomics

    ECN 4110 (3 CREDITS) - Introduction to Macroeconomics

    ENT 4200 (3 CREDITS) - Introduction to Entrepreneurship

    MGT 4200 (3 CREDITS) - Introduction to Business

    MGT 4205 (3 CREDITS) - Computer Applications in Management

    MTH 4110 (4 CREDITS) - Calculus with Applications

    MTH 4120 (3 CREDITS) - Probability & Statistics I

Upper division requirements (54 credits)

FHEQ Level 5

    ECN 5400 (3 CREDITS) - Managerial Economics

    ENT 5200 (3 CREDITS) - Entrepreneurial Theory and Practice

    FNN 5200 (3 CREDITS) - Corporate Finance

    MGT 5210 (3 CREDITS) - Research Methods

    MGT 5220 (3 CREDITS) - Legal and Ethical Concepts in Management

    MGT 5400 (3 CREDITS) - Organizational Behaviour

    MKT 5200 (3 CREDITS) - Principles of Marketing

plus two of the following:

    MGT 5405 (3 CREDITS) - Operations Management

    MGT 5410 (3 CREDITS) - Human Resource Management

    MKT 5205 (3 CREDITS) - Consumer Behaviour

    MTH 5130 (3 CREDITS) - Game Theory and Decision Methods

    ADM 5210 (3 CREDITS) - Pixel Playground

    PLT 5425 (3 CREDITS) - Modern China

FHEQ Level 6

    ENT 6200 (3 CREDITS) - Entrepreneurship & Business Development

    ENT 6205 (3 CREDITS) - Entrepreneurship and Family Business

    ENT 6210 (3 CREDITS) - Entrepreneurship Strategy

    INB 6210 (3 CREDITS) - European Business Environment

    MGT 6200 (3 CREDITS) - Competition and Strategy

    MGT 6297 (6 CREDITS) - Senior Project

    MKT 6215 (3 CREDITS) - Global Marketing Management

plus two of the following (note that intership are 6 credits):

    ECN 6210 (3 CREDITS) - International Economics

    ENT 6962 (6 CREDITS) - World Internship in Entrepreneurship

    ENT 6972 (6 CREDITS) - Internship in Entrepreneurship

    INB 6200 (3 CREDITS) - Country Risk Analysis

    MKT 6400 (3 CREDITS) - Developing and Managing Sales

    MKT 6405 (3 CREDITS) - Marketing Planning and Strategy


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