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BA Degree in Political Science

Programme Overview
The BA degree in Political Science prepares students for work in government, international organisations, business, finance and the media, which require articulate, clear thinking individuals with a grasp of contemporary political issues, succinct writing styles, and the ability to present complex arguments.

The degree is built on three core areas of Political Science: political thought, comparative politics and public policy. Students also take a range of optional courses in national, regional and globalisation studies, or addressing thematic areas of contemporary interest, allowing for specialisation within the major according to student interest.

Students enjoy a broad study of political thinkers and theories, whilst directly engaging with a range of practical policy issues, in many different national and regional settings. The British Politics course, for example, is partially taught in the Houses of Parliament. The degree also recognises the international dimension of political, economic and policy processes, and ensures students are familiar with the politics of the developing world.

The key difference between Political Science and International Relations
Political Science focuses on ensuring students build expertise in political theory, comparative politics and public policy. This reflects the unique mission of the Political Science degree.

Christian Abueg

I study on this programme

When I first stepped on to the Richmond Campus, I felt a sense of completeness. At once, the campus was large enough for all the incredible things I was going to learn and overall incredibly intimate, the sense of community is really pronounced. I am one of the main beneficiaries of Richmond University being so focused on diversity and in the most authentic way possible, which is to say not through quotas and dictates but how do we build a university as multi-faceted as the world. And here Richmond brought me, someone whose parents are Filipino from California and who went to a public school on this incredible castle-like campus. But that is merely scratching the surface of Richmond University, it is not just about the ethnicity or the backgrounds of a person, but it is about people from completely different ideologies coming together, it is about the true essence of diversity at Richmond, everything is open to interpretation and exploration, and that is a huge part in the notion of diversity. As a Political Science major, I have seen this institution look so clearly and with an unflinching eye on the issues that our world faces today. A huge part of my major is colouring outside the lines, there is creativity in everything that is done whether it be introducing new ideas to solve the crises of capitalism or a policy brief on child hunger in Southeast Asia, creativity is everywhere. The quintessential Richmond experience is sitting on the campus greenery, rather like some sort of halcyon afterschool special where everyone meets with their notebooks and book bags discussing the day’s interaction between students and professors. Richmond University is a beautiful, bucolic learning experience.

Christian AbuegBA Political Science
Philip Martin

I graduated from this programme:

I graduated from Richmond in 2013 with a First Class Honours degree in Political Science. The experiences I had and the lessons I learned at Richmond readied me to compete and succeed in an increasingly globalised workforce.

Currently, I am employed as an anti-money laundering investigator with Promontory Financial Group, an international financial services consultancy based in Washington, D.C. Typically for major domestic and international banks, I examine customer activity, perform due diligence, and submit suspicious activity reports to relevant law enforcement agencies to ensure client compliance with the Bank Secrecy Act and related regulations. The research and writing skills that were cultivated by the excellent faculty and rigorous academic standards of Richmond have made the transition from an academic life to a professional career almost seamless.

Through meaningful and continual interaction with the top-notch professors and unique student body, my time at Richmond trained me to understand and appreciate the limitless diversity of people and ideas that permeate daily life. It is this aspect of cosmopolitan knowledge that has given me an edge over my peers and will stick with me indefinitely.

Philip MartinBA Political Science

Faculty who teach on this programme:

BA Degree in Political Science is currently validated by The Open University.

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Duration: FT– 4 years (including one year at QCF Level 3)

UCAS Course Code: L210

  • The programme is recognised in the US via our MSCHE accreditation.
  • The programme is validated in the UK by The Open University.
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  • US Federal Aid is available
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Tuition Fees: 2017/18 & 2018/19 entry per annum, students from:





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Study Suggestions
Students may wish to consider a minor in Economics and/or a Certificate in British Studies.

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