Tsinghua University faculty visit Richmond University

Richmond University is delighted to welcome faculty from the prestigious Tsinghua University in Beijing who are here today to discuss their summer volunteer programmes, designed to help combat poverty issues and spread access to high-quality educational training resources in rural china.

Richmond students are invited to discuss this unique and enriching opportunity in more detail. The programme allows students to develop and implement a service learning project in rural China. Projects include teaching English, doing poverty alleviation research, giving lectures on cultural communications, and visiting local villages.

Richmond will be offering £500 travel grants to 3 successful applicants for summer 2015.

Interested? Join us today!

Date: Thursday 22nd January

Time: 12:00pm

Venue: Asa Briggs Hall 106, Kensington Campus

To be eligible to participate in these programmes, students must:

1. Have 30+ credits

2. Be in good academic and social standing

3. Complete an application and be accepted onto the programme

For more information about Tsingua’s summer programmes, please visit http://www.isep.org/students/programs/tsu/ or contact Richmond’s Dr. George Zhang, Director, Centre for Modern Languages george.zhang@richmond.ac.uk