Richmond Shield

Trip to the Kallos Gallery

On Tuesday 10th March 7 students from Neil Mackie’s Rome in the East history class went to the Kallos Gallery.

We enjoyed a two hour visit under the guidance of Dr Liz Sawyer, and Peter Chuprevich has the following thoughts on the visit.

Up from the recesses of the Greco-Roman world, Kallos Gallery in Mayfair is a panegyric to the diversity and beauty of the art of Antiquity. Amidst the many galleries of fine art, high art, modern art and everything in between, Kallos presents the artefacts of the ancient world with artistic acumen and aplomb. The gallery itself is decorated in a modest yet sleek fashion; cool marble and brick are juxtaposed against bright lighting and slim mirrors. Unlike most galleries that are minimalized in order to avoid distraction, Kallos gallery is constructed as a piece of art itself, bringing agency and life to the pieces—something very important for ancient art that may seem antiquated ergo blasé.

Kallos actively upholds the integrity of its pieces and more broadly of ancient art by encouraging and facilitating interaction with and education of the art. Open to everyone (although please do ring the bell), the gallery and its knowledgeable and passionate members will, with vim and vigour, describe and explain each piece to anyone who would like to listen. To further its educational charge, the gallery hosts students for collaborative sessions in which students are not only taught about the art and its context but garner a glimpse into the romantic workings of the art world, as well as being treated to coffee and tea.

Although Kallos is still in its nascent formation, it has already begun to establish ancient art and its devotees as barons of beauty and lovers of knowledge. Kallos is heralding a new era of mass appreciation for ancient art and will continue to stimulate interest and love amongst those who love all things beautiful. May the art continue to flourish.