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Tips for Moving to the UK

Richmond's World Cup Football Tournament

Richmond’s World Cup Football Tournament

Most of the students who attend Richmond come from a long way away. Going to University can be scary enough to start with, but when you add in moving to another country it can be downright overwhelming! If you plan ahead and think things through you can make your first step into your new life stress-free and fun! The following tips were collected from current Richmond students to help you during this time of transition.

Come With An Open Mind!

Things are not going to be the same at Richmond as they were at home and it’s going to take a certain amount of time to adjust. You will meet new people, discover new places and learn a whole new way of looking at life. Be prepared to alter your views and open your mind!

Don’t Pack Too Much!

Chances are, you will be moving to a much smaller space than you are used to. Excess baggage will get in your way and make you feel cramped in your new surroundings. Also, most electrical appliances and audio-visual equipment won’t work off the same voltage as your home country.

Do Your Homework Before You Arrive!

London is an exciting city with thousands of things to see and do. Spend some time before you arrive researching all that London has to offer. You will have la lot of opportunities to go on University sponsored outings, but the more interest you develop now, the better prepared you will be from the start.

Residency LifeCommunity Living

Chances are you have never lived in a community living situation quite like what you will encounter at University. Your success or failure in dormitory living has a lot to do with what you make of it. Residence Life has set up a number of rules and regulations to help all residential students live in safety and comfort, but your ability to adjust to your surroundings will be key especially in the first several weeks of the semester. If you have chosen to live in a room on your own, you may find it more of a challenge to meet new people. You will have to make an effort to come out of your room and get involved in the community even if you are feeling homesick. If you are living with a roommate for the first time, this may be a big adjustment as well.

Getting to Know Your Roommate

The key to getting to know someone is to know yourself. In finding out about your new roommate you may need to clarify what you actually feel and think about certain issues. Good communication will be the key. This will depend on your willingness to be open, adaptable and to show respect for others.

We’re Here to Help

Residence Life staff members are here to help you throughout your journey while adjusting to life at University. They have all been in your shoes! If you need help, don’t forget to ask your Resident Assistant or Resident Director.