William Durden

Socialism and the Cold War in Western Europe

Dr Martin D. Brown will be presenting a paper entitled Pro-Détente versus anti-détente camps: British public opinion, foreign policy and the CSCE, 1969–1975 at the conference ‘Socialism and the Cold War in Western Europe’, sponsored by Queen’s University Belfast, the Society for the Study of Labour History (SSLH) and Liverpool University Press.

With a focus on Western Europe, this conference will explore ideological responses to the sustained period of Superpower tension between 1945 and 1989. Diplomatic studies of the Cold War have, of course, abounded and, more recently, there has been an increasing interest in the cultural aspects of the Cold War. Yet the Cold War was, in fundamental respects, a war of ideas and it these that this conference will seek to understand in greater depth. With coverage that includes Britain, it will consider Social Democracy, the New Left, Communism and Eurocommunism as well as labour and the trade union movement more widely. Anti-socialism and anti-communism will be prominent themes. This conference will further examine transnational trends through the impact of European integration and the development of human rights as well as reflecting on the diversity of national experiences. It will also consider American and Soviet views of West European Socialism in its various guises.

Being held on Friday 17 and Saturday 18 April 2015

Senate Room, Queen’s University Belfast

For further information please visit the Queen’s University Belfast website