Richmond’s Rome Campus

Richmond Rome Campus

With its sunny climate and unparalleled wealth of ancient history and monuments Rome offers a rewarding international education experience and countless opportunities to immerse oneself in Italian culture and appreciate ancient and contemporary art, architecture, opera, music, theatre, cinema and food.  As a contemporary European capital, it is utterly unique. Located between Italy’s North and South, once the seat of a great empire, Rome is still a special place, a monumental, busy capital, centre of government, international organizations and corporations and yet an appealingly relaxed place, with a centre that still preserves its traditions and old village charms.

Richmond’s Rome campus is located just off Corse Vittorio Emannuele II, near the Vatican City and countless famous sites including the Pantheon, Piazza Narvona among others famous historical landmarks. We offer a range of programmes in Rome including Semester and Summer in Rome, the Freshman Year and the Gap Year Programmes.  All of our programmes are taught in English but Italian for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners are also offered.