Richard Attenborough

Richmond remembers Lord Attenborough

With sadness, Richmond mourns the death of Lord Richard Attenborough who passed away on Sunday, 24th August at the age of 90. Lord Attenborough received an honorary doctorate from Richmond University in 1994 and was a great supporter of and donor to the institution.

Lord Attenborough was the benefactor of a scholarship programme which promoted opportunities for students from Swaziland to come to London to study and which, in turn, played an important role in extending the University’s commitment to international education.

Lord Attenborough was a talented actor, director and producer, starring in a number of very successful films including In Which We Serve, Brighton Rock, The Great Escape and Jurassic Park. As a director, his work included A Bridge Too Far, Gandhi, for which he won Academy Awards as director and producer, in 1982, and Cry Freedom, about the life and death of South African anti-apartheid campaigner Steven Biko.

Lord Attenborough was an active citizen and a local Richmond resident. He will be missed by the entire Richmond University community.