Richmond hosts British A Level Students

On Wednesday 23rd March a group of 6th formers from Hatcham College visited Richmond Hill campus as part of their A Level Politics studies into the US political system and the current presidential elections.  The visit was arranged by their teacher Faye Wynne who brought the group all the way from New Cross Gate.

Arriving at 9:00 they enjoyed (endured!) two lectures from faculty, Neil Mackie covered Race and American politics up to the Obama era, and Dr Michael Keating analysed at the structures around the American political system and the specifics of the current election process.

After lunch, kindly provided for the students by our President’s office, the Hatcham students met with a group of Richmond upper division students, all from the United States; our students describe that session ‘six of us were split up to speak to two to three students each. We were there to answer any questions regarding American politics and the upcoming presidential election. Some of the students asked questions that would help with their exams, some were inquiring about our opinions regarding the state of affairs in America today. We talked about a range of topics such as our opinions on the candidates and how we thought the election would turn out, to cultural and social issues that are prevalent in America and compared them with Britain today. The students were well educated in the topics and questions they asked which made discussions fun and engaging for us.’

The Hatcham group commented that the day exceeded all of their expectations, it was a huge success in their eyes.  Similarly, Richmond students, and Dr Keating and Mr Mackie, were extremely impressed by the level of knowledge that these school students had of America and its political culture.

All the participants thought similarly exercises in the future would be beneficial to both institutions in the future and that possible permanent links between Hatcham and Richmond should be considered.  Dr Keating and Mr Mackie thank the Richmond students for giving their time to help the cause of education in general and the promotion of Richmond in particular.