Richmond History, Politics and International Students Attend Holocaust Memorial Event

January 27 was Holocaust Memorial Event and this year Richmond students in Prof Dom Alessio’s class “The Rise of the Right: A History of Fascisms” visited Teesside University in the north of England to participate in a conference on genocide. Teesside has a Centre for Fascist and Anti-Fascist Studies and Dom, who writes on this area, is also a research fellow here.

Richmond student Amanda Querioz talks about her experience at the event:

“I had the great honour to be part of the Holocaust Memorial at Teesside University, and I just can say that it was absolutely inspiring. One of the most impressive things was the work done by students with Holocaust survivors who, despite the age, had energy and commitment to share their fantastic victory over such dark times in our history. It was also a great opportunity to have enlightening discussions with academics exploring the many (and horrific) faces of the Holocaust, also discussing its portrayal by global film industry and its impact in popular perception. Overall, I wish we had never to had a memorial day for the victims of the World War II, for I wish it had never happened. But this conference and this day can teach our generation that acceptance and understanding towards others is not only desirable but needed if we do not want a new period of hatred and lack of humanity ever again.”