Frequently Asked Questions

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Student Life

What clubs and organizations do you have?

How much do I need for personal expenses?

Do I need to open a bank account? How would I do this?

How/where do I change money?

Do I need a student visa?

What is the transition process like for transfer students?

What is the weather like in London?

What do students do for fun off campus?

How far is it to downtown London?

What sports and athletics do you offer?

Do I need a car?

Do I need a cell/mobile phone?

What should I bring with me?

How often do students go home to visit?

Should I buy a laptop at home or wait until I get to the UK?


Is living on campus mandatory?

Can I ship some boxes ahead of time?

Will I have a roommate?

When will I find out my rooming assignment?

Do I have to live at the Richmond Hill campus my first year? Can I commute from Kensington?

What is the housing like: dorms, apartments, quads?

I can't decide whether off-campus or on-campus housing is the right choice for me. Who can I talk to about this?

What's included in my housing fee?

Is there Internet access in the rooms?

What's included in the rooms?

Are there social activities in the halls?

Does the university provide any cleaning services?

What can I do if my room or furniture needs repair?

How can I communicate pre-existing room damages when I move in?

What is/isn't allowed in campus housing?

Is campus security provided?

Can I stay on campus over Christmas/summer break?

Am I allowed to swap rooms?

Is there storage on campus?

Am I eligible for subsidised travel between campuses?

Can I still use the dining hall if I live off campus or in a self-catering residence hall?

I have a disability that may affect my housing allocation. How should I communicate this to you?

I'm an MA student and am unsure of what I will be doing in the summer for housing during my internship. Can you help?

Is parking available at any of the residence halls?

Am I eligible to live in Kensington?

Where can I find the move-in and move-out dates for the year?

What happens if I want to move in before the move in date?

What happens if I want to stay after the move-out date?

What happens if I want to move out early/withdraw from housing?

Where can I find the terms and conditions of the campus housing contract?

How do I request housing on campus?

How can I pay for housing?

How can I get my housing deposit back after moving out?

Undergraduate Admissions

What are your admissions requirements?

Do you give AP, IB and other Advanced Standing Credit?

Do I have to take placement tests at Richmond?

What English test scores does the University accept?

Do you accept credit from the CLEP exam?

What does 'liberal arts' mean?

Where are your faculty members from?

How do you rank/rate compared to other schools?

What are the most popular majors?

What are you 'known' for?

Does Richmond accept visiting students?

Are there any high school course requirements for admission?

Can I study in another country while a student at Richmond?

Do you offer summer classes for high school students?

Where do Richmond students come from?

Do you offer distance learning?

Can I double major at Richmond?

Can I major in a language or linguistics?

Is there a music program at Richmond?

Can I talk to current Richmond students and/or alumni?

What is your application deadline?

Do you have an Application Fee Waiver?

I have sent in an application. When can I expect to hear a decision on my admissions?

Do you accept transfer credit from other universities?

Would other universities accept my Richmond credits if I transferred?

Do you have an association with any other colleges?

Do you accept dual enrollment credits?


What is the average class size?

How many students attend?

What is the student/teacher ratio?

Are there teaching assistants?

When do I register for classes?

Do I need to submit a portfolio the art program?

How many classes do students take each day?

What does a one year graduate program entail?

How many class hours do students take each week?


Are there any alumni from my area?

Where do Richmond graduates work?

Where do Richmond graduates go to graduate school?


What is the food like?

How many meals are on the meal plan?

Do I have to be on the meal plan if I live on campus?

Do you serve vegetarian food? Vegan? Halal?

Money and Financial Assistance

Are scholarships available?

Can I use Tuition Exchange?

What is the cost of tuition, room and board?

How do I qualify to be considered for a scholarship?

Can I earn money by working a part-time job alongside my studies?

First Year Seminar

What is a First Year Seminar?

Is the first year Seminar mandatory?

What if I have transfer credits - will I still have to take one of the First Year Seminars?

Can I take more than one seminar?

Will I get my first choice?

Who will be my academic adviser?

Do I have to take a seminar that is related to my Major?

Postgraduate Programmes

What are the admissions requirements for the Postgraduate programmes?

When is the admissions deadline?

What if my undergraduate degree is in a different academic area?

Do I need to have previously studied in English?

Do you require the GRE test?

Where do postgraduate students live?

How much would it cost?

Is there any financial aid or scholarships for Postgraduate students?

Do you hold open evenings for Postgraduate students?

When do classes start/end?

Does the university have a work placement/internship programme?

I am looking for part-time work? Do I have to organise it myself?

When am I going to register for my classes?

What is the class work load per week?

When am I going to register for my classes?

What Postgraduate Programmes does Richmond offer?

What is the Graduate Certificate in Art History?

Destinations: After Richmond

Where do Richmond students work?

Where do Richmond students go for postgraduate study?

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