Dr Rafal Soborski

Rafal Soborski’s chapter ‘Ideological Imbalance Post the Credit Crunch: Neoliberalism Versus the Politics of Resistance’ has been published in Social Movements and World-System

The book, edited by J. Smith, M. Goodhart, P. Manning and J. Markoff, is part of Routledge’s series, Political Economy of the World-System Annuals (editor: I. Wallerstein). This collection offers new insights into contemporary movements for global justice, challenging readers to appreciate how modernist thinking both colors our own observations and complicates the work of activists seeking to resolve inequities and contradictions that are deeply embedded in Western cultural traditions and institutions. Contributors consider today’s movements in the longue durée—that is, they ask how Occupy Wall Street, the Arab Spring, and other contemporary struggles for liberation reflect, build upon, or diverge from anti-colonial and other emancipatory struggles of the past. Critical to this volume is its exploration of how divisions over gender equity and diversity of national cultures and class have impacted what are increasingly intersectional global movements. The contributions of feminist and indigenous movements come to the fore in this collective exploration of what the movements of yesterday and today can contribute to our ongoing effort to understand the dynamics of global transformation in order to help advance a more equitable, just, and ecologically sustainable world.