Sarah Richter reviews Neeta Madahar & Madame Yevonde at PM Gallery, London


Photographic Examinations of Femininity | Neeta Madahar & Madame Yevonde | PM Gallery & House, London Review by Sarah Richter for Aesthetica Magazine Blog

The Role Play exhibit is situated in a section of the 19th century manor home and grand gardens of the Pitzhanger Manor-House located at Ealing Broadway in West London. The show features the work of both Neeta Madahar and Madame Yevonde. The show combines Madahar’s contemporary work with that of Madame Yevonde’s from the 1930s. Both explore the construction of female roles in photography and thus contemporary society, with Madhar’s contemporary series Flora drawing inspiration from the work of Madame Yevonde’s from the 1930s entitledGoddesses, their relationship is easily identifiable and the works have been interspersed, with a Madame Yevonda next to a Madahar and they blend seamlessly together as they depict photographic explorations of femininity in similar ways.

Without reading the captions under the images, it's hard to discern which work belongs to which artist. The influence and legacy that influenced Madahar’s current work is palpable when examining Madame Yevonde’s visually stunning and emotionally gripping portraits of society women.

Madame Yevonde’s portraits of 1930s society women cast socialites in the role of goddesses from antiquity such as Europa, Diana, Medusa, Dido and Venus. Although the portraits were made in the thirties, they employ cutting edge techniques in the realm of photography and look as if... [read the full article on the Aesthetica Magazine Blog].

Image: Anna with Magnolias (2010), Laura with Irises (2010); Courtesy the Artist and Purdy Hicks Gallery, London.

Role Play: Neeta Madahar & Madame Yevonde continues at PM Gallery & House until 3 July.

Sarah Richter is a candidate for the MA in Art History at Richmond the American International University in London.

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