Hill campus hosts Richmond Society


President Newbould & Richmond Society members

On a warm summer’s evening, the University’s Hill campus welcomed nearly 100 members of Richmond Society who were keen to learn more about the location and students at the University. Hosting the visit was President Ian Newbould, also a member of the Society.

The visit began with a tour of the gardens with particular emphasis on the trees. Those with a naval background were particularly interested in the Swamp Cypress tree – specimens of which have traditionally provided the masts for sailing ships of old.

Following on from the garden tour, members of the Society attended a talk given by President Newbould on the past and present history of the University and participated in a lively question and answer session, including one on the preferred language of the University – English or American!

The evening ended with a reception and, of course, an invitation to return.

More pictures of this event can be found at: RICHMOND SOCIETY MAY 2010

Link to this page: http://www.richmond.ac.uk/n/919.aspx