Computer engineering students contribute to research paper


Professor John Dwyer & Jonathan Arbib

Computer engineering project students at Richmond contributed to a paper on functions applied to graph theory.


In graph theory, the number of circuits in a given graph is closely-related to special functions in mathematics, including the Gamma function and Reciprocal Beta function. This paper investigates these rapidly-increasing functions and introduces a new function D(x,y), which provides a convenient means of estimating in a single function the number of Hamilton and Euler circuits in a complete graph Kn.


Several colleagues and project students contributed to the results detailed in this paper, including Professor Wathek Talebaoui, Danladi Abdulaziz, Karwan Al-Sourchi, Jonathan Arbib, Denka Bancheva, Jordan Berkowitz, Emma Dwyer, Daniel Frincu, Salisu Gambo, Saniul Hossain, Ike Igboanugo, Elyse Loosararian, Alin Petculescu, Vjose Retkoceri, Ademola Shasanya and Long Tran.

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