Author and Former Diplomatic Servant Visits the Richmond Hill Campus


John Cloake Visits the Richmond Hill Campus as Guest Speaker

John Cloake

Retired Diplomatic Servant and post holder of Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Bulgaria, author, John Cloake, visited Richmond University earlier this month to have an open discussion with faculty, staff, and students. Cloake wrote the book, Richmond Past, which was published in 1991. The book chronicles the Richmond area as well as Kew, Petersham and Ham from 1501 with the aid of drawings, paintings and photographs.
Cloake was born and raised in Wimbledon and became a resident of Richmond, along with his wife, in 1962. Shortly thereafter Cloake began researching local history, which has always been of interest to him. His accomplishments include assisting with the founding of Richmond’s Local History Society and the Museum of Richmond. Cloake served as the Chairman of the Richmond Society’s History section, the Richmond Local History Society, and of the Museum of Richmond. He has also published three other foremost written works on Richmond.
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