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MA Art History alumna to present IVAC lecture on the ‘Trauma Landscape’ photography of Santu Mofokeng

Sarah Richter, an alumna from Richmond’s MA in Art History is now a PhD candidate at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign and she will be returning to London this spring to deliver a lecture for Richmond’s Centre for International Visual Arts and Cultures (IVAC). Richter’s presentation, ‘Violence is in the Knowing: The Trauma Landscapes of Santu Mofokeng’, examines Mofokeng’s use of black and white photography as a visual trope that paints race onto people-less landscapes and forces viewers into confronting the traumatic memories inherent in quotidian sites. The power in Mofokeng’s photographs lies in the way that they force a renegotiation to take place: Mofokeng believes that violence is in the knowing and once there is knowledge of trauma, how can a place stay the same? The lecture is at 5pm, 5 April, Asa Briggs Hall Cafe, Kensington Campus.