Dr James D. Boys

Associate Professor of International Political Studies

Dr James Boys

Dr James D. Boys

James D. Boys, BA (Hons), MA, PhD, is an Associate Professor of International Political Studies. He is a political historian specialising in the study of the United States and its place in the world. As a result, his work straddles both politics and history. He has a special interest in the study of the presidency in general and the administration of Bill Clinton in particular, as this was the subject of his PhD. He has held political office in the UK, worked on Capitol Hill and Wall Street and brings these experiences to his interpretation of political events.

Born in Warwickshire in 1970, he read American Studies, History and Politics and graduated with Honours from Leicester University in 1996. He undertook a Masters Degree at the Institute of United States Studies at the University of London, reading American Foreign Policy, National Security Studies and Political Philosophy. After three years in industry that climaxed with a role in the Wall Street district of Manhattan, he began his PhD research at the University of Birmingham in 2001, researching the evolution and execution of U.S. Grand Strategy during the Clinton Administration.

He began teaching at the University of Birmingham in 2003, leading courses in American Politics and History, which he would do until the completion of his doctorate in 2006. During this time he held posts at the University of Gloucester, at Leicester University and at De Montfort University, where he delivered courses examining American Grand Strategy.

Dr. Boys was appointed Assistant Professor of International Political Studies at Richmond University in London in 2006. In 2010 he was appointed Director of the Postgraduate Program in International Relations and named Associate Professor.

In 2010 Dr. Boys was a Visiting Fellow at the University of North Dakota’s Centre for Human Rights and Genocide Studies. In 2012 Dr. Boys was named a Senior Visiting Research Fellow at King’s College, London.

Dr. Boys is a regular contributor to television and radio on issues pertaining to issues of American politics and international affairs and regularly brings his brand of analysis to a world-wide audience of over 140 million in over 100 countries. Since 2007 he has been a regular on-air consultant with the BBC, Sky News and Al Jazeera and appears regularly on London’s LBC 97.3FM radio station, offering insight on current and historical aspects of political life.

Dr. Boys maintains a website at www.JamesDBoys.com, has a weekly column on The Commentator and can be followed on Twitter at @jamesdboys

Selected Publications

Book Chapters

(2009) ‘JFK: The Exceptional Ideal?’ in JFK: History, Memory, Legacy: An Interdisciplinary Inquiry, edited by John Williams, Robert G. Waite and Gregory Gordon, University of North Dakota Press

(2009) Boys, James D. and Hind Zantout, ‘E-Government: Big Brother of Athenian Democracy,’ in Proceedings of the IADIS International Conference e-society 2009: Volume II, edited by Piet Kommers and Pedro Isaías, Barcelona, Spain, pp 13-17.

Journal Articles

(2012) ‘Lost Opportunity: The Flawed Implementation of Assertive Multilateralism, 1991-93’ European Journal of American Studies, December.

(2011) ‘What’s So Extraordinary About Rendition?’ International Journal of Human Rights, Volume 15, Issue 4.

(2009) Boys, James D. and Michael Keating, ‘The Policy Brief: Building Practical Skills in International Relations and Political Science,’ in Politics, edited by Dr Alasdair Young, October


(2012) Intelligence Design: UK National Security in a Changing World, The Bow Group. June.

Recent Conference Papers

(2012) Process, Primaries and the Presidency, address to the Henry Jackson Society, Cambridge University, February 22

(2011) Cycle of Death: America’s Inability to Address Political Violence, International Studies Association-East Conference, Rhode Island, November 5

(2011) Ensuring the future security within the UK/US Special Relationship: The Evolution of National and International Security Councils, International Studies Association Conference, Irvine, California, October 14

(2011) U.S. Approach to Acts of Political Violence/Terrorism-Concepts of Continuity and Change, Salzburg Global Seminar on ‘Continuity and Change in US Presidential Foreign Policy, Plans, Policies and Doctrines, October 6-10

(2011) Robert S. McNamara and the Price of Power, International Studies Association-West Conference, Pasadena, California, September 23

(2011) The Twin Towers and a Singular Opportunity, British International Studies Association Working Group on U.S. Foreign Policy Annual Conference, Oxford University, September 22

(2011) The ‘Not So Special Relationship’: Joseph Kennedy and Churchill, Transatlantic Studies Association Annual Conference, University of Dundee, July 12

(2010) American ‘Exceptionalism’ in Africa: The Clinton Administration, Somalia and Rwanda, University of North Dakota, October 28

(2010) The Perpetual War on Terror: America’s Trials in the Modern World, University of North Dakota, October 26

(2010) What’s So Extraordinary About Rendition? BISA Working Group on U.S. Foreign Policy Annual Conference, University of Leeds, September 15

(2010) The Rwandan Tutsi Genocide and the US policy: The Origins of Genocide Denial and the Promise of Future Genocide Prevention, delivered at Rwanda, Genocide and Hope Conference, Macalester College, Saint Paul, Minnesota, March 20

(2009) President Obama: Clinton Redux? British Association of American Studies Conference, Nottingham University, April 17

Contact Details

Email: james.boys@richmond.ac.uk

Kensington Campus
Room 102, Asa Briggs Hall
Tel: +44 (0)207368 8458

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