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Dr Saad Tahir

Associate Professor

Dr Saad Tahir

Dr Saad Tahir

Dr. Saad Tahir earned his BSc degree in Chemistry from Mosul University, Iraq and an MSc degree in Industrial chemistry from Baghdad University, Iraq and a PhD degree in Physical Chemistry from Brunel University (UK). His experience in the industry has involved applied mathematics, especially in the area of thermodynamics which was applied in both theoretical and experimental capacity. As he advised clients on types of incineration units to control emissions of polluting gases, by calculating the heat involved in the process, as well as capital and operating costs of the system.

Currently he is an active lecturer as Associate Professor at The American International University in London and has taught there for the past thirteen years. He teaches Energy, Chemistry, mathematics and statistics. He published more than 40 papers in chemistry subject.

Dr. Tahir continues to broaden the depth of his academic knowledge, and currently, his research interests have broadened to the area of business and management, and more specifically to the knowledge management field, which is an area he is actively researching. Recently he obtained an MA in Management studies from Kingston University and published 4 papers in the management subject.

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I teach on:
MTH 3000 Fundamentals of Mathematics
MTH 3111 Functions and Applications

Some of the courses I teach:
MTH 3000 Fundamentals of Mathematics
MTH 3111 Functions and Applications

Research Interest & Expertise:
Business, Knowledge Management