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As a Transfer Student, once you have been been admitted to Richmond, your full academic record will be assessed by Transfer Credit Evaluation (called 'TCE').

The aim of the evaluation is to fully consider all courses for possible transfer credit, and ensure that you receive the most useful transfer credits – this will depend upon choice of major and point of entry on to the Richmond academic program. An estimated length of time to graduation is calculated and sent to you.

Results of Transfer Credit Evaluation (TCE)

How will I know which courses have transferred?

The Academic Registry will send you an email with your evaluation, to the address given in your initial application to Richmond.  If you wish to receive the information by postal mail, or at an email address other than that initially provided, please inform your Admissions Officer.

The information will include your Richmond transcript with course equivalents and the number of semesters that it would take you to graduate from Richmond. Note: this estimation is based on your original choice of major. If you subsequently wish to change major you may of course do so, and should communicate this the Admissions Office at the earliest opportunity.

When will I find out about my transfer credits?

Once you have been accepted at Richmond, your TCE will be processed as quickly as possible. After you have received your official TCE from the Academic Registry, you are very welcome respond to that office with questions and enquiries. 

General Information about Transfer Credit: 

Credit is generally granted for academic courses completed at accredited US universities or colleges. For courses completed at higher education institutions in other countries, the institution must be recognised by the appropriate governmental and educational bodies in those countries, as determined by the National Academic Recognition and Information Centre for the United Kingdom (NARIC).

Grades must be at the US university standard of 'C' level or higher for consideration for transfer. Other country equivalents to this standard are determined by reference to NARIC guidelines, with final decisions on equivalency at the discretion of the Academic Registry. 

A student’s Richmond Grade Point Average is based solely on courses completed at Richmond. Credits transfer in from other institutions, however grades do not.

A course evaluated by the Academic Registry as equivalent to a course offered at Richmond is posted on the student’s academic record as that specific course. A course evaluated as at an appropriate level, but not equivalent to a particular Richmond course, is posted as elective credit. 

Provisional transfer credits may be initially awarded, if the academic documentation is received in an unofficial form e.g. a photocopy. In such cases, transfer credits will not be officially granted until and unless official documentation is received. A student’s Admissions Officer will communicate with her/him to ensure that all necessary documentation is received in a timely manner. 

University/College Transfer Credit

Will all my courses be considered for transfer?

Up to 75 credits may be transferred towards the Richmond BA or BS degree. At most, 60 credits may be transferred from two-year colleges where only lower division courses are offered. Regardless of the transfer credit awarded, transfer students must complete all Richmond Basic Skills, Core Curriculum and Lower Division and Upper Division major requirements that are not covered by equivalent transfer credit.

All transfer students are required to complete a minimum of 54 upper division credits (18 courses), of which at least 45 credits (15 courses) must be taken at Richmond. At least 36 upper division credits (12 courses) must be taken at Richmond in the student's major. 

Note: It is in applicants’ interest to provide as much information as possible at the time of application, particularly if they have completed courses in languages other than English, and/or at institutions outside the US or Europe.

Dual enrollment credits are evaluated according to the regular transfer credit policies, provided that the credits are obtained through an accredited university. Students must submit an official college transcript in order to receive credit. 

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