Forms for Academic Procedures

Forms for Current Students

Use this form to request an exception to University academic policy. Petitions are received and decided upon by the Academic Progress Committee.

Graduation Information Form
This electronic form is used by Student Affairs, the Academic Registry, and Alumni Affairs in order to ensure the student receives information about Commencement AND that the correct address is registered for the posting of the student's OU degree certificate.

Used for approval to take courses at other institutions where you wish the credit to be applied to your Richmond degree. Must be completed and approval obtained before undertaking the study.

Apply to withdraw from a course after the add/drop period up to the last day to withdraw. To be returned to the Academic Registry.

Disability Declaration Form
A student with a diagnosed learning disability must provide the Office of Student Affairs with the appropriate documentation concerning his/her disability at the point of admission to the University, or as soon as possible after enrolment.

Used to apply for an independent study (GPA of 3.0 or above required). Must be signed by a full-time instructor and the School Dean or Associate Dean. To be returned to the Academic Registry.

Must be completed before leaving the University for an absence of one or two semesters. To be returned to the Academic Registry.

University Withdrawal Form
Please complete this form if you wish to withdraw permanently from the University.

The University complies with the US Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), and with the UK Data Protection Act. Academic information concerning a current or former student cannot be released to a third party without the student's written consent. Students must complete and sign this form if they agree that their records may be released to their parents, sponsors, fee-payers, potential employers, etc.

Outlines the procedures for a student to make both informal and formal complaints on academic and non-academic issues.

Used to request an official transcript to be sent elsewhere or for personal use. To be returned to the Academic Registry.

Degree Planning Documents

To be used throughout the degree program in consultation with the student’s academic adviser. Must be signed and submitted to the Office of Academic Affairs the semester before degree requirements are completed. Further details about deadlines are available from the Office of Academic Affairs and on the University website.

Students must use the degree planner in place at the time of their entry to the university (NOT at the time of their registration onto the major).

Degree planners for each of the majors are located at the bottom of the degree pages below.

Art, Design, and Media

Business Administration: Entrepreneurship

Business Administration: Finance

Business Administration: International Business

Business Administration: Marketing


Financial Economics

International and Development Economics


Development Studies


International Journalism and Media

International Relations

Political Science


Forms and Processes for Former Students

Legalization of Richmond Documents (Apostilles)

Request Re-admission to Richmond

Request a Replacement OU Degree Certificate

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