BA Degree in Psychology

Brand new psychology lab built over the Summer

As a student of Psychology at Richmond University, you get access to our Psychology Lab to design and conduct your own research and participate in our Psychology research. The Psychology laboratory hosts over 40 students actively engaged in research each semester. The Lab contains:

  • Two individual testing rooms
  • An observation room with a camera
  • Six computers with testing software
  • Eight lab assistants

The facility has two primary tasks. First, it allows you to design, conduct and participate in faculty research, including designing and carrying out your own research projects with faculty supervision. Second, it introduces you, as a psychology student, to a setting of scientific research; preparing you for your next steps upon graduation, whether that be further study as a postgraduate student or in a position of employment.

Examples of the kinds of projects carried out at the lab include:

  • Measuring cognitive capabilities such as reaction time
  • Behavioural observations
  • Standardised questionnaires
  • Investigations of cognitive phenomena such as the own-race bias in face recognition
  • And many more thrilling topics!

Please contact Neema Trivedi-Bateman for more information or to get involved in our research.