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Why Choose Richmond?

An open, friendly welcome awaits you at Richmond. Located in one of the great world capitals, Richmond is a truly international University with students from over 100 countries in a supportive, multi-cultural environment. You will find a friendly campus, small class sizes, and a great atmosphere for learning and for personal development.

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Diverse Academic Program: Your Ideal Choice

You have a great choice of liberal arts and science courses to choose from. You may also make your final choice during your first year at Richmond. Whatever you decide, the University's academic program, which encompasses business, communications, international relations, computer science and the arts, reflects the American tradition of broad-based core studies.

Scholarships Available for You

Are you looking for financial support for your undergraduate studies? During the 2010/2011 academic year Richmond will award over 1.3 million pounds in scholarships based on academic merit. In addition, many students will qualify for external grants, scholarships and awards from the UK and around the globe. Find out more today.

High Status Degree Qualifications: US and UK Accredited

Your degree qualification from Richmond is accredited in both the US and the UK. Upon graduation you will receive two degree certificates and wherever you start your career or go on to graduate study, your dual-validated degree from Richmond will be recognized worldwide.

Two Campuses in London

Richmond has campuses in two of London's most appealing communities: Richmond-upon-Thames and Kensington.

The Richmond Hill Campus, which dates back to the founding of Richmond College in 1843, is the location for first-year and second-year students.

As you progress to become an Upper-division student, you typically will relocate to the Kensington Campus in Central London. Here, we also offer graduate studies.

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