Richmond Hill Campus

Alumni Sanjay Raja to discuss the UK economy

Sanjay Raja who works as an economist in London with KPMG is delivering a talk entitledThe UK Economy: how did we get here and where are we going?’

In his talk Sanjay will provide an overview of the performance of the UK economy in recent years and especially within the context of the post-financial crisis period. The talk will also review the role of some of Britain’s key economic sectors (such as housing and oil). Finally, some comments on the shape of economic inequality seen within the UK will be offered.

Sanjay Raja graduated with a First Class Honours degree in Economics from Richmond University in 2011 and went on to complete his MSc in Economics at the LSE the following year. At present Sanjay works as an economics analyst with the financial services giant KPMG in London.

Please come to this talk on Wednesday 12th October at 3pm in 108 Briggs Hall,

Kensington Campus, Richmond University.


The talk is sponsored by the Wellbeing Research Centre, based at the Richmond Business School.