Student Tuition Fees and Funding

BSc Degree in Accounting & Finance

Student Tuition Fees and Funding

Which tuition fees do I pay?

Home/EU Students
If you are an EU citizen and have been ordinarily resident in the EEA for the previous three years then you are entitled to Home/EU fees.

International Students
If you are a citizen of a non-EU country or are an EU citizen but have been ordinarily resident outside the EEA for the previous three years then you will pay International fees.

US and North American Students
If you are resident in the US or applying from North America, then you will pay US $ fees*. (*Exception: Students from Canada normally pay International fees in Pounds Sterling.)

RIASA- Richmond International Academic Soccer Academy
For students entering the RIASA programme, which is based in Leeds, UK. Please visit the RIASA section of our website for detailed information pertaining to the costs of the programme.

RAISA Undergraduate Tuition Fees 2017/18

Home/EU Undergraduate Confirmation Deposit


US$ Undergraduate Deposit

$1000.00 USD

RIASA Undergraduate Deposit

£1000 GBP

International Deposit

50% of Tuition Fee

Semester Abroad Tuition Deposit

100% Tuition Fee Payment before enrolment