Nicola Mann’s chapter “From SuperOther to SuperMother: The Journey towards Liberty” published in new book, The Woman Fantastic in Contemporary American Media Culture

nicola mann publication 1Dr. Nicola Mann, Assistant Professor of Communications and Visual Cultures, has just published a new essay titled “From SuperOther to SuperMother: The Journey towards Liberty” in the book The Woman Fantastic in Contemporary American Media Culture (ed. Elyce Rae Helford, Shiloh Carroll, Sarah Gray & Michael R. Howard II; The University Press of Mississippi, 2016).

Dr Parviz Dabir Alai

BREXIT, What now? Richmond Business School economist to participate in round table discussion of the impact of BREXIT on educational opportunities

Dr Parviz Dabir-Alai, professor of economics, has been invited to participate in a roundtable discussion on January 19th, organised by the ESCP Business School (ranked 4th internationally for its Masters programmes in the 2016 FT lists) to discuss the impact of BREXIT on the higher education landscape. The key themes will include the likely impacts of BREXIT on Business Schools as well as on academic cooperation between institutions in general and explore both their short-term and long-term effects.


Paul Rekret’s essay “Affect & Politics: A Critical Assessment” published in new book on Politics and Emotion

Dr. Paul Rekret, Associate Professor of Politics, has just published a new essay titled “Affect & Politics: A Critical Assessment” in the book Politics, Protest, Emotion: Interdisciplinary Perspectives (Paul Reilly, Anastasia Veneti and Dimitrinka Atanasova (eds)), Press Books.

The book features contributions from 37 academics across the globe. It presents a range of disciplinary perspectives on politics and emotions, including the fields of computer science, (digital) media studies, journalism studies and political science. Drawing on a range of case studies such as the 2016 Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament march in London, the movement against TTIP-TAFTA and, health activism such as “I Want PrEP Now”, the contributors provide new insight into the affective turn in protest and social movements.

Rekret’s contribution is available here.

Jonathan Wilson_profile photo

Dr. Jonathan A.J. Wilson meets with the Indonesian Minister of Tourism Arief Yahya at the World Travel Market in London’s ExCel exhibition arena, to celebrate the launch of a new tourism campaign on London taxis

Dr Jonathan A.J. Wilson has been working with the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism on market intelligence and consumer behaviour reports, and innovative promotional strategies to promote tourism to the region. He made up a party of delegates who hosted an massive two tier Indonesia stand of entertainment, food and culture at November’s World Travel Market, which saw nations from across the globe compete to capture the imagination of the travel industry. The event also saw the launch of a ‘Wonderful Indonesia’ advertising campaign appearing on 600 London black taxis, which he celebrated with the Indonesian Minister of Tourism, Arief Yahya.

Jonathan Wilson_profile photo

Dr. Jonathan A.J. Wilson is interviewed and quoted in a two-part industry consumer behaviour report published by research consultancy firm Canvas8. 22nd November 2016

Dr Jonathan A.J. Wilson shares his insight into the growing Halal industry that covers food, fashion, beauty, finance, pharmaceuticals, travel, and entertainment. He discusses the new wave of Muslim vloggers and entrepreneurs, spearheaded largely by women, who have crossed over into the mainstream – notably in the fashion, cosmetics, and food sectors. A key driver motivating them to strive is a reaction to 9/11, terrorism, and some negative perceptions and fear of Muslims – as a mechanism for building bridges, overcoming stereotypes, and generating greater economic stability and job opportunities.



Richmond named as the International Institute of the Year-2016 by The Higher Education Review

Richmond is delighted to announce that we have been named the International University of the Year for the UK in 2016 by The Higher Education Review which is a leading publication in India.

The selection process for this award was long and extensive with The Higher Education Review’s experts reviewing  400+ International Universities and short-listing only the best 30.

The overall winner was chosen using the following in their selection process & eligibility criteria:
• Scholarships
• Academic and learning environment
• Research volume, influence, reputation and income
• Infrastructure, accommodations and Facilities
• Impact of New knowledge and Ideas
• Personality Development
• Industry Income & Entrepreneurship

Richmond is very proud to have received this honour!

More information can be seen about Richmond here.


Jonathan Wilson_profile photo

Dr. Jonathan A.J. Wilson spoke at the “Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Social Enterprise in a Multi-cultural World” conference organised by the World Association for Sustainable Development (WASD), on 17th November, at the University of East London

Dr Jonathan A.J. Wilson highlighted the importance, to an audience of academics and practitioners in the fields of entrepreneurship, social enterprise, social marketing, and emerging markets, of creating powerful brands and constructing emotional and interactive branding and social media strategies. He argued that in these fields often these areas are overlooked and under resourced, at times because they are perceived as being too corporate, or less important than achieving the objectives core to the cause. However, this in his view is a mistake, in a world where individuals are converging, communicating, and collaborating around mobile devices – where branding and social media intelligence are critical success factors, that allow people to engage with large audiences, empower stakeholders, and build trust.

Jonathan Wilson_profile photo

Dr. Jonathan A.J. Wilson writes in the Huffington Post on one of the hottest fashion brands this year

Dr Jonathan A.J. Wilson interviewed luxury brand fashion-tech entrepreneur Saif Siddiqui, CEO of the ISHU, and invited him on campus to speak to Richmond’s MBA students. Saif was a former student of Dr Wilson and Dr Wilson remarked on how rewarding it was to see Saif go from strength to strength; and an even better feeling was that of now being set tasks by Saif to help take his brand to the next level.


Universities of Northampton and Richmond hold sixth joint fantasy symposium

Faculty and students from the Universities of Northampton and Richmond participated in the sixth annual joint fantasy symposium on 2 December 2016. In conjunction with the IVAC and SPG research centres at Richmond.

The keynote lecture was given by Dr Philippa Semper (University of Birmingham), and was titled ‘What’s in the Walls? Neil Gaiman’s Gothic’. Lectures were also given by Prof Dom Alessio and Dr Jon Mackley, and the afternoon session included papers from students at both institutions.

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