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School of Business Visiting Professor, Peter Grant, leads team assessing the UK Government’s approach to eradicating violence against women and girls

One of the Business School’s Visiting Professors, Professor Peter Grant, recently acted as the Team Leader on a report for the Independent Commission for Aid Impact (ICAI). The report acts as a review of the Department for International Development’s (DFID) work to end violence against women and girls. The report, published on May 17th 2016, may be found here

The Guardian’s coverage of the report may be seen here.

Peter Grant is co-founder and co-director of Restored Relationships, details of which may be found here.

Peter is also due to deliver the keynote address at the Wellbeing Research Cluster’s annual workshop on June 24th. The theme of his talk is “Wellbeing and Education – gender and related angles”. More details on the workshop, and other activities of the WRC, may be found here.


Centre for Learning and Teaching FILM symposium

bananas conferenceOn Friday 13 May the Centre for Learning and Teaching sponsored a one day symposium entitled 2nd Bananas & 4th Walls: Using Film Effectively in Teaching & Learning, organised in conjunction with Richmond’s Associate Dean for Research, Dr. Martin Brown. The event was well attended and speakers included invited guests and Richmond Faculty, culminating in a hands-on video editing session in the CNM.

The key-note talk, entitled ‘Interactive Character Assassination: the Ethics of Historical Video Game Design’ was given by Dr Melodee Beals, Lecturer in Digital History from Loughborough University.  Slides of her lecture can be found here.

Subsequent panels included both makers and users of film.  Two round table discussions featured guest lectures by Dr. Sune Bechmann Pedersen from the University of Gothenburg currently working in Amsterdam as a Postdoc researcher at the Centre for European Research (CERGU), freelance Director of Photography Robin Horn, and Richmond faculty including installation artist Richard Bevin, documentary filmmaker Dr. John Chua, literature, film, and gender related studies specialist Dr Sara Chetin,  historian and BBC consultant Dr. Sally Holloway, & script writer/film producer Murray Woodfield.

The day finished with Sam Brooker’s workshop on How to digitally incorporate film into your lecture/presentation, and a drinks reception.

Full details may be found here.


Dr. Paul Rekret publishes new article on critical IR Theory

Paul Rekret, Associate Professor of International Politics at Richmond, has just published a new article engaging critical theories of International Relations. In the essay, entitled ‘The Sovereignty of Sovereignty and the Restricted Scope of Critical IR’, Rekret argues that in grounding critique upon conceptual and methodological slippages and aporias of power’s foundations, critical theories of IR merely reproduce the very abstractions upon which that power is founded. In other words, resistance is conditioned and restricted by the philosophical move which inaugurates it.  The article can be read here.


Research Students visit the National Archive in Kew

Kew Archives visitDuring the Spring semester students enrolled in GEP 4180, Research and Writing II with Dr. Judith Carmel-Arthur, took advantage of a study visit to the National Archives, Kew, to work with some original archival materials that underlay our understanding of events in British history.

The visit drew on experiential teaching and learning methods to widen students’ familiarity with and actual practical use of some types of potential research sources not usually encountered at the undergraduate level.

As the course studies the art of argumentation, a case-study was set up during a preliminary classroom lesson which showed differing perspectives on the Suffragette Movement in the early 20th Century.  During the same classroom session, students were given basic document handling and conservation lessons to ensure they later arrived at the Archive with a solid overview of the nature of these new artefactual research sources.

Once in the Archive, students handled and studied a wide variety of original documentation relating to the suffragettes, including personal and family letters, police reports, prison reports on force feeding, diet and the general well-being of the suffragette prisoners, in addition to original news cuttings covering the death of the activist Emily Wilding Davison at the Epsom Derby in 1913.

Afterwards, students said:

“I found the trip very informative and engaging and I definitely plan to take advantage of my 3 year pass.”

“It was really interesting (to) study original documents, and the trip taught me to see the value in going straight to the original source”

“The National Archive was an interesting experience. I learned a new way to do research.”

“It allowed me not only to research information on the women suffragettes, but interpret and form my own opinion on the authentic documents that no computer program could allow me to do.”

“. . .it was interesting to get it straight from the source and to completely read through documents of what was happening in those exact moments, and not read from a site online that put information in their own words; this information was actually legit.”

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Richmond University offers two new MA’s: Chinese and English…Language Teaching and Management

Language education is at the heart of the two new MA’s: MA in Language Education Leadership and Management (Chinese and English pathways) and MA in Applied Linguistics: Language Teaching (Chinese and English pathways).

Richmond, the American International University in London offers a unique opportunity to study language teaching and language education management, both Chinese and English, at Richmond’s London Kensington campus beginning Fall 2016.

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13th Salzburg Seminar American Studies Association (SSASA) program

From 24 to 29 September 2015 , approximately 60 academics, journalists, political analysts and advisors gathered in Salzburg, Austria for the 13th Salzburg Seminar American Studies Association (SSASA) program The Search for a New Global Balance: America’s Changing Role in the World to reflect on and debate where America is headed, where they, representing 27 diverse countries from five continents, think it should go, whether it should lead or follow, and what impact these decisions have on the rest of the world. The focus is an incredibly important topic for the American Studies field to grapple with as the real-world implications of these questions will have both immediate and long-lasting effects. This is particularly true as the United States nears another presidential election that will see a new leader in the White House in January 2017.

The event was co-organized by Alex Seago, Dean of CASS & UK representative of SSASA in collaboration with other members of the Salzburg Seminar American Studies Association. Richmond’s fellow Richmond’s American Studies specialists, Dr. James Boys and Dr. Chris Wylde were also involved as sessions chairs and panellists.

The Search for a New Global Balance: America’s Changing Role in the World


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London Calling: Richmond freshmen are volunteering in the community!

Richmond students have been researching a chosen issue in the London community and the work of an organisation operating in the area as part of their “Transitions: London Calling” first year course. Now they are proving themselves to be active citizens by developing a wide range of transferable skills in order to help others in many different ways. Read their stories here

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Senior Projects Exhibition

The Senior Projects Exhibition for Richmond’s Art Design and Media Undergraduates opened last Thursday. The exhibition is the culmination of the Seniors’ degree and the self-directed projects are designed to prepare them for a life in the Creative Arts. This year’s exhibition includes a wide range of work from video and photography through to installation and wall drawings. The exhibition runs in both Atlantic Art Studios and the Starbucks Café in Asa Briggs and has been generously sponsored by RAIUL Student Government.senior projects exhibition

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Prof George X Zhang spoke on Chinese language teaching in Holland

Richmond Professor George Zhang was invited by Croningen Confucius Insitute to act as a judge for the Dutch Secondary School Chinese Bridge Competition and then to give a keynote talk on Chinese language and culture at the Teacher Evening following the Competition on Saturday 17th April in Sint-Nicolaaslyceum, Amsterdam. The title of Professor Zhang’s talk was “Glimpses of Culture in Chinese Language – a brief contrastive analysis with English”.  The details of the event and talk can be found here