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Dr. Jonathan A.J. Wilson writes in the Huffington Post on one of the hottest fashion brands this year

Dr Jonathan A.J. Wilson interviewed luxury brand fashion-tech entrepreneur Saif Siddiqui, CEO of the ISHU, and invited him on campus to speak to Richmond’s MBA students. Saif was a former student of Dr Wilson and Dr Wilson remarked on how rewarding it was to see Saif go from strength to strength; and an even better feeling was that of now being set tasks by Saif to help take his brand to the next level.


Universities of Northampton and Richmond hold sixth joint fantasy symposium

Faculty and students from the Universities of Northampton and Richmond participated in the sixth annual joint fantasy symposium on 2 December 2016. In conjunction with the IVAC and SPG research centres at Richmond.

The keynote lecture was given by Dr Philippa Semper (University of Birmingham), and was titled ‘What’s in the Walls? Neil Gaiman’s Gothic’. Lectures were also given by Prof Dom Alessio and Dr Jon Mackley, and the afternoon session included papers from students at both institutions.

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Dr. Jonathan A.J. Wilson speaks at the Selangor International Halal Conference, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Dr Jonathan A.J. Wilson was a Keynote speaker at the Selangor International Halal Conference, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – where he spoke about how to make brands that win.


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Dr. Jonathan A.J. Wilson speaks at the OIC Asian Trade and Economic Forum in Malaysia

Dr Jonathan A.J. Wilson was a Keynote speaker at the OIC Asia Trade & Economic Forum 2016, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – where he spoke about how to market to and engage with Millennials.



The Sir Cyril Taylor Endowment

The Cyril Taylor Charitable Foundation has graciously initiated a substantial endowment to support the development of the University.  Sir Cyril Taylor is the founder of Richmond, the American University. The President and Vice Chancellor, Professor John Annette stated that, ”I am sure that the university community will join me in thanking Sir Cyril Taylor for his considerable generosity and continuing passion and support for Richmond as an international university which promotes the ideals of ‘unity in diversity’.”

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Dr. Jonathan A.J. Wilson named in a top 500 list of global thought leaders

For the second year running, Dr Jonathan A.J. Wilson was given an Islamica 500 award for making it into the top 500 global thought leaders that shape the Islamic Economy – for his work on Halal Branding, Muslim consumption patterns, and international market analyses.


Professor Dominic Alessio

Professor Dom Alessio publishes new work on empires, filibusterers and fascism

Professor of History and Dean of International Programmes Dominic Alessio has published a new article examining non-state actors in the story of empire. Entitled “Filibustering from Africa to the Americas: non-state actors and empire”, the work has been published in Small Wars & Insurgencies (27:6, 1043-1066). It looks at dominant definitions of empire, in particular those emphasizing large polities as the sole agents of imperial expansion. By doing so, it draws attention to the overlooked role of filibusters: private, non-state actors who initiate unauthorized military endeavours, either in an attempt to carve out empires for themselves or for their home state. By examining African and Asian examples it demonstrates that filibustering is not a practice unique only to the Americas or to the nineteenth century as so much of the literature suggests. Lastly, it scrutinizes the cultural and historical impact of the phenomenon. In terms of the former, it argues that filibustering had an important literary and filmic influence on writers such as Conrad and Verne. Regarding the latter, it advocates that it frequently led to further violent intercessions in many of the countries occupied and influenced a particular style of proto-fascistic and charismatic militarism.


Transitions students receive expert CV advice from Admore Recruitment

On 16th November Surrey based recruitment company, Admore, sent a team to help first year students taking the Transitions: London Calling course to turn their CV’s into documents ready to be developed for the world of work. Students were able to share their objectives with an expert, and learn how their volunteering and extra curricular experience, as well as their academic achievements, can make them stand out to a future employer.

Dr Christopher Wylde

The Political Consequences of Natural Resources

Dr. Christopher Wylde attended a symposium on ‘The Political Consequences of Natural Resources’ at the University of Tokyo, Japan. He presented a paper titled: ‘Autonomy and Capacity in Natural Resource Governance: Institutional Manifestations of the State in Twenty-First Century Latin America’.