Survivability in a Poli-Cyber Threatened World’ with MLi and Khaled Fattal

Survivability in a Poli-Cyber Threatened World’ with MLi and Khaled Fattal, followed by Q and A and a small drinks reception for further informal discussion concluding at 8pm.

With Cyber Strategies struggling or failing routinely, cyber attacks breaching organizations and governments daily, and now augmented by the new breed of estruction-motivated Poli-Cyber terrorists threatening us all, what should decision makers do next?

Tuesday 13 March 6:00-8:00 for a talk by Khaled Fattal of the MLi Group in 17 Young Street Lecture Hall. Mr. Fattal is a former Richmond student from the early 1980s who went on for graduate work and founding his own cybersecurity firm, MLi Group in London.

A closer look at luxury- Richmond MBA students visit Ferrari Exhibition in London

An interesting and exciting visit by our MBA students at Richmond University to the Ferrari Exhibition at the Design Museum for their Luxury Brand Management Course. Ferrari Under the Skin Exhibition features rare and luxury Ferraris for the first time to the public, demonstrating the technology, design, performance and the strategic management processes behind these masterpieces.

Dr Michael F. Keating

Dr Keating’s new book Handbook of IPE of Energy and Natural Resources

Dr Michael F. Keating, Professor of International Political Economy at Richmond, released a new book in January 2018. Co-edited with Andreas Goldthau (Royal Holloway) and Caroline Kuzemko (The University of Warwick), the Handbook of the International Political Economy of Energy and Natural Resources, published with Edward Elgar press as part of their Handbooks on Research in Political Economy series. With over 32 contributors from all over the world, this handbook is set to be a key reference point for scholars and students in this topical and controversial area of research.

This Handbook offers a comprehensive overview of the latest research from leading scholars on the international political economy of energy and resources. Highlighting the important conceptual and empirical themes, the chapters study all levels of governance, from global to local, and explore the wide range of issues emerging in a changing political and economic environment.

The original contributions analyse energy as a highly complex, interconnected policy area, including how energy markets and regimes are constituted and the governance institutions that are being designed to challenge existing establishments. A number of contributors focus on intersections between energy and other policy fields or sectors, or nexes. These include the climate change, energy and low carbon transitions nexus; the food, water and forestry nexus; the energy, resources and development nexus; and the global–national–local nexus in energy. Significantly, this Handbook ties the contributions together by exploring opportunities for sustainable transitions and avoiding resource scarcity whilst taking other social needs, such as development, into account.

This Handbook will be an essential resource for scholars and students of international political economy, governance and development studies as it covers: the environment, development, human rights, global production, energy transitions and energy security.

Dr Michael F. Keating

Dr Keating’s public lecture on North Korea Crisis at the German School in London

Dr Michael F. Keating, Professor of International Political Economy at Richmond, gave an evening lecture to the German School in Richmond (Deutsche Schule London) on February 1st. Around 70 people attended, including students in International Baccalaureate and Abitur, teachers, parents, and members of the local community.

The lecture was titled “DPRK, Trump and Realpolitik”, a topic chosen by the German school students

From New York to New Zealand, Italy to Argentina: study abroad opportunities for Richmond degree students

Tuesday evening, January 30, 2018, Professor Mary Robert (Dean of the School of Liberal Arts) and Camille Brewster and Dom Alessio (from International Programmes) met with 15 Richmond degree students to discuss study abroad opportunities. They talked about opportunities studying in one of Richmond’s own Florence or Rome centres or going on an exchange with our 25 plus university partners all around the globe. Professor Robert explained how much an international experience could enhance employment opportunities afterwards, making a CV stand out from the crowd. Dom and Camille in turn explained how study abroad could also personally transform lives. If students are interested in going abroad to Italy this Summer or Fall they need to speak with their advisors during this up-coming pre-registration. The minimum GPA for attending our Italy campus is 2.5. If someone wants to discuss going overseas to a partner they need to make an appointment with Camille during the Spring semester, after having chosen their preferred locale, viewing the application requirements and ensuring they meet the 3 GPA cut-off.


Sir Cyril Taylor GBE

Sir Cyril Taylor

It is with deep sadness that we must inform you that Sir Cyril Taylor, the Founder and Chancellor of Richmond the American International University in London (RAIUL), passed away yesterday at the age of 82.

Cyril founded the American Institute for Foreign Study (AIFS) in 1964 and he remained throughout his life committed to the benefits of international education. He was passionate about and committed to RAIUL and his support and challenging insights will be greatly missed.

According to Bill Gertz, the President and CEO of AIFS: “Cyril founded AIFS in 1964 and was a true visionary in every sense of the word. His life’s work was dedicated to the enrichment of young people through education.  This was his passion…and he was instrumental in transforming the UK secondary school system, working with 10 Secretaries of State for Education towards that goal.  In 1989, Cyril was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II for his dedication and contribution to education, and in 2003, he was advanced to a Knight Grand Cross of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (GBE). “

As members of the university community, we owe Sir Cyril an enormous amount and he will be greatly missed. Sir Cyril was absolutely committed to the future success of the university and this is a responsibility I am sure that we all share.

Our thoughts go out to Cyril’s wife Judy, his daughter Kirsten, and his extended family.

Paul Rekret publishes article on the aesthetics of ecological crisis

Writing with Anja Kanngieser (University of Wollongong) & Rory Gibb (University College) Paul Rekret recently published an essay on the aesthetics of ecological crisis for Turmoil, the magazine of the CTM festival in Berlin. Looking to sound art in particular, the essay examines artistic responses to ecological crisis and considers political tactics that artists might use in calling attention to environmental disaster.

CTM is a prominent international festival dedicated to contemporary electronic, digital and experimental music, as well as the diverse range of artistic activities in the context of sound and club cultures.

Paul Rekret is Associate Professor in Politics at Richmond American International University. He is the author of Down with Childhood (Repeater 2017) Philosophy, Politics, Polemics: Derrida and Foucault (Rowan & Littlefield 2017) and he has published widely on contemporary cultural and political theory. He is producer and host of ‘Beholder Halfway’, a series of radio essays airing regularly on Resonance.Extra.